Raina Knox is one of the foremost online consultants on domestic abuse issues.  Her advice for those suffering under the abuse of their partners is widely acclaimed for its effectiveness.  It takes one to know one, and as a proud, single mother of six children, she can confirm from her personal experience that nobody hustles harder than a single mother,  Being a mother of so many children has not been easy for her over the years, but she has managed to successfully pull through every challenge thrown her way.

She praises the Lord that she does not look weary after going through what she has for so many years.  Indeed, she has weathered many struggles during her time in her hometown of Dayton, Ohio, many of which are absolutely shocking to those who are not yet aware of how horrifying domestic violence has the potential to be.  Her relationship reached the epitome of how bad such abusive partnerships can get. 

She was a long-term teacher for Dayton Public Schools for seven years.  She then went on to work at some great Fortune  companies like, Metlife Insurance, GE Card Services (Fraud Department) and Medaco Pharmacy to name just a few of the many prestigious organizations on her resume.  Her professional life could very well be described as a success.

When she lived in her hometown, she ended up being an independent contractor for more Fortune  firms.  She worked for these companies from home and after fifteen years of stellar Customer Service in Management, she started an online business, "Pretty Gurlz Hu$tle LLC".  In addition to this, Raina is also a credit repair consultant.

Raina is widely considered to be an inspiring woman for domestic abuse victims, but she mostly prefers to try and inspire others regardless of what they label her.  In this respect, she has started a movement called #Rainainspires where she wants to be able to help others, especially if they are trying to leave there abusive partner.

Her chief-most desire is to inspire people to work their way towards a better future.  She simply wants someone to tell her that because of her efforts, they did not give up.  Raina currently resides in Atlanta, where she works day in and day out, making sure her kids have a better life than her.  This is on top of her extensive efforts to assist random victims online with their violent relationships.  However, this does not mean that she does not find time for hobbies.  She enjoys bowling, skating, amusement parks and attending family events.  So now you know how you can strike up a conversation with her if you ever need to.