Raina Knox is a survivor of domestic violence, who has written this book to give other women that are in a similar predicament as her the courage to overcome their struggles.  She hopes that this book will be able to save the lives of those who are in danger by helping them help themselves.

After her horrifying time with her ex-boyfriend, including a near-death experience, she was left with many emotional scars.  However, she strived to rise above them and build a life for herself that she deserves.  Today, she has started her own online business, "Pretty Gurlz Hu$tle LLC", which she uses as an example to inspire oter women into leaving their abusive partners.

She knows firsthand, from her own abusive relationship, how difficult it can be to take the first step towards doing what is necessary.  Hence, she wrote this book with the explicit function to spur those who are hesitant into taking action.  Using its guidance, women stuck in toxic households will not only learn what they should do to escape, but exactly why as well so that they understand the importance of doing so.  The main objective of this book is to help those women in abusive relationships that do not what to do, providing them with a clear path towards a better future.